I specialise in backend development, so I don’t have any flashy websites or designs to show, but here’s some of the work that I’m more proud of.

Open Source Software

A Star Algorithm - Weighted Graph

A* Algorithm in PHP

This A* algorithm implementation has the following characteristics:


Symfony is my favourite PHP framework, and since it is open source, I have made several contributions to its source code. I like to brag about that one time where my additions to the Stopwatch component were mentioned in the official Symfony blog.
GitHub's Octocat


What kind of developer would I be if I didn’t have a GitHub account?

Proprietary Software


SkySports Germany

During my time in SkySports, I worked on several different parts of their infrastructure. I spent a significant amount of time working on the German version of SkySports.

NHS e-Referral Service

I have worked in several NHS projects, and the most ambitious was the e-Referral Service: a group of secure applications that provides patients with a choice of hospitals and clinics when booking appointments, allows GPs to refer patients to a specialist whilst providing clinical assessment support, as well as other administration tasks, such as reporting, auditing, tracking, and so on.