Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez
I am a software engineer based in Leeds, UK. I graduated from Granada University (Spain) with an MSc in Computer Science Engineering.


I am passionate about open source, and I like to give back to the community, as you can see in my portfolio. This has also helped me professionally, as I believe that by writing software that’s intended for others to use, you tend to architect it in a way that’s readable, decoupled, tested and, in general, follows best practices. On top of that, other contributors can fix it, extend it and improve it, and by doing so, you learn and grow as a developer.


F. C. Barcelona
When I’m not working, I enjoy travelling (who doesn’t?) and I love playing any sort of sport, football and weightlifting in particular. As I’m sure you have noticed, I am a Barça fan 😀.